Complete turnkey supply of finish-machined steel and SG cast iron crankshafts, ranging in size from 50kg
(110 pounds) to 40 tonnes (88,000 pounds) in weight :

  • Series-production or single orders
  • Sourcing of forgings and castings
  • In-house NDT
  • Heat treatment and surface treatment (quench and tempering, normalizing, stress relieving, plasma or gas nitriding, shotpeening) arranged as required
  • 100% visual and dimensional inspection
  • Optional material & product certification.


Standard Turning:
Forge Blank weight to 34 Tonnes
Dia 2 Metre x Length 11 Metres

Finished Machining:
20 Tonnes x Dia 1 Metre x 11 Metres

1 Metre x 8 Metres Length

Cylindrical Grinding:
Dia 1500mm x 11 Metres Length