LC&M offers a complete assessment and extensive refurbishment service.

The unique facilities allows for recondition/repair on all types of crankshafts from steam to modern high-speed diesel, with abilities to grind and polish crankpin and main bearing diameters up to 20”/510mm. Crankshaft lengths of up to 11000mm/400” can easily be accommodated.

On receiving a used crankshaft, an initial inspection is carried out. This includes non-destructive tests such as ultrasonic, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant. A dimensional inspection is carried out where diameters, straightness, half stroke and angularities are checked. A hardness survey will also be conducted. All this will be analysed to determine a salvage procedure. Chrome plating or metal spray build ups are available via our approved sub-contractors if required.

Once the salvage is complete, a full final inspection will be performed and final report issued.

All work is conducted under consultation with the customer. if necessary, work can be undertaken with 3rd party approvals such as LR, ABS, RINA, DNV, BV etc.